Sunrise Season

The northern hemisphere keeps tilting away from the sun, but my ride time remains the same. This is the time of year when we start seeing lots of photos of sunrise from the local cycling community. I had made it out to the 5:45 am meeting spot on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday had headed out around the same time to meet the WeMoRi, but when the alarm went off on Thursday morning I hit the snooze button and promptly fell fast asleep. I finally did get out of the house, around fifteen minutes late

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Audubon Park – it was still fairly dark, hence the blurriness It was supposed to be a rainy weekend, but as sometimes happens around here, the rain fell mainly elsewhere leaving us with mostly dry weather, at least down here on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain.  I got up Saturday morning, looked out the window, and thought, “It sure is dark out there!”  I guess there were a few lingering clouds around, and together with the slow creep of shorter days it is starting to get noticeable. Lea

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East Meets West – Coming Together

A rare cool front came through earlier this week, and although the morning temperature has still been around 80F, the drop in humidity has everyone prematurely thinking about Fall.  Of course, we are still a very long and hot way from Fall around here, but the sensation of having sweat actually evaporate from my skin has been a welcome relief, however temporary. The Tuesday/Thursday morning levee ride group, which has been recently disrupted and effectively evicted from its usual route becaus

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Rolling and Bowling

The Sunday Giro Meeting Things have been rolling along pretty much on auto-pilot lately, which has actually been kind of a nice break from the usual chaos.  On Friday my office had a “Staff Retreat” in an apartment at the Lower Pontalba Building on Jackson Square. I’m sure these sorts of things are helpful for a lot of people, but personally they always seem a bit contrived.  I’m pretty sure The Baroness would never have tolerated such a thing. Afterward we headed over to Fulton Alley for so

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Midsummer Lull, Another Fatality

As often happens in July, there is a bit of a lull in the racing scene around here as both riders and promoters take a little break from the summer heat. My usual morning routine is also in a state of flux as we all try to figure out what and when and where we can best replicate the levee training rides that have been a fixture for over ten years now. So last weekend, after a fairly routine and not particularly fast Giro Ride on Saturday, I headed across the lake Sunday morning for a club trai

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Farther Upriver

I drove out to the Thursday levee ride early this morning.  There had been signs advising that River Road would be closed today about a mile farther upriver from where we’ve been starting lately and there was a good chance that the bike path would also be closed at that point.  They are getting ready to run some big drainage pipes under River Road and then across the levee there, and a closure of both River Road and the bike path is imminent.  Once that happens, my options will be severely li

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Wheel-Surfing in Cajun Country

I was looking forward to the annual Vuelta d’ Acadiana over in Lafayette last weekend.  For a change, I wouldn’t have any officiating or promoting responsibilities and could just be a bike racer.  Well, almost.  I did need to get the LAMBRA race clock and generator over there in time for registration, and since I couldn’t leave until Saturday morning that meant a 4 am wake-up in order to be on the road arount 4:30.  Turnout from the club was going to be a little low.  The women’s team had f

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