Riding, Rainstorms, and Rest

The WeMoRi Gossip Lap The weather around here has been occasionally dramatic lately.  After Sunday’s race some big thunderstorms rolled through, causing lots of street flooding and some power outages.  We had to abort an attempt to feed the cat we’ve been taking care of (the one that belongs to the doctor who is still in the hospital after heart bypass surgery) because the streets were too flooded.  We ended up stranded on some relatively high ground (we’re talking inches here, not feet) for

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Jack of All Trades, HarborMaster of None

Last Sunday was the Harbor Master Criterium. This was a first-year event held in New Orleans, mainly in the parking lot of the casino boat that used to be docked at the South Shore Marina.  I was to help officiate along with Ricky who came down from Monroe and Tim from River Ridge, but I was also hoping to jump into the Masters race so the day wouldn’t be a total loss riding-wise.  The course was a tight, curvy, 0.6 mile affair, the details of which had remained somewhat of a mystery until a f

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Old Portage, New Routine

I almost made it out to the lakefront in time for the start of the Wednesday training race.  Almost.  I guess I missed just the first half-lap, but at least my timing was otherwise pretty convenient.  As I approached the Elysian Fields traffic circle I could see them coming toward me, so I just looped around and merged smoothly into the front part of the group.  For the next three and a half laps we averaged 26+ mph, topping out at 35.1.  It wasn’t particularly windy, so the group remained

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Barricades and Bike Noises

I’ve been back into the “new” routine this week, although not without a few little modifications.  After a much-needed recovery ride on Monday I drove out to meet the Tuesday levee ride for the 6:15 am start.  The Corps recently put up a barricade/gate on the levee bike path a bit upriver from the Huey P. Long bridge, so now I have to drive another half-mile to park on Plantation on the side of the PraxAir shop.  On the plus side, it’s on the west side of t

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The Week After

By all accounts, the 43rd Tour de Louisiane went off quite well, which is to say nobody went to the hospital and nobody was arrested.  Turnout for the Cat. 5 and Masters races was, in a word, disturbing.  The racing, however, was great, the results timely, and the after-race photo albums numerous.  As usual, I headed across the lake around mid-afternoon on Friday, allowing plenty of time to check in to the Hampton Inn before driving over to The Spokesman to set up for Friday night registratio

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Ready as We’ll Be

I guess we’re about as ready as we’ll be for this weekend’s Tour de Louisiane.  The road race course has been painted and marked and Robin was out there today patching some of the little holes in the asphalt.  Jason went out and marked the TT course with mile markers, and the police and Mayor are all lined up for Sunday’s criterium.  In general I think we’re in pretty good shape.  The only thing that is worrying me is the relatively lackluster pre-registration list.  I mean, where are the C

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Tour Course

Those clouds looked a lot worse than this photo would imply! I was up early Saturday morning with plenty of time to get ready for the Saturday Giro Ride.  All suited-up, bike in hand, I opened the basement door just in time to see the rain start.  Another day off the bike looking out the window at wet streets. On Sunday we were planning a recon ride on the Tour de La road race loop.  After meeting at 6:30 or so we made the drive across the lake and up to cucumber corner.  I put a can of neo

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